Gluten Free Indian London


Rasa Samudra

Last weekend we had some lovely friends from Brussels come and stay with us. So in order to show them a little of what London nightlife has to offer we took them to a fabulous Indian restaurant on Charlotte St called Rasa. Its fluro pink and as cute as a button, but the food is to die for. The cuisine is Keralan seafood and is light, fragrant and layered with spices and coconut milk. We had 8 friends around the table and ordered a range of starters and one of each curry on the menu. The Dosa made from chic pea flour was a highlight

The exciting part is that everything bar the bread is gluten free, so you can all relax, share and enjoy the meal. They also have some yummy rice bread which I had whilst my gluten loving friends ate paratha.

Dinner was £28 a head for more food than we could possibly eat and enough wine to sink a battleship.

After a great meal we headed over to Floriditas to dance the night away!

Highlights from the menu included;


Crab Thoran   £7.50
Inherited by our chef from his grandmother, this is a traditional and unique preparation. Fresh crabmeat stirfried with coconut, mustard seeds and ginger.

Meen Porichathu   £6.00
Kingfish marinated in a spicy paste made of ginger, green chillies and coriander, then shallow fried in the traditional fashion.


Meen Molly   £11.95
This is a speciality of Travancore Christians. Lightly fried juicy pieces of King fish cooked an aromatic coconut based sauce with green chillies, curry leaves and ginger.
Konju Manga Curry   £12.95
Summer brings with it mangoes, that delicious summer fruit found in plenty and in many varieties in Kerala. Mangoes of all shapes, sizes and subtly different flavours find their way into many dishes. This king prawn dish is cooked with turmeric, chillies, green mango and coconut and is sure to delight you with its tangy and spicy flavour.



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