Polpo – Soho, gluten free heaven
November 10, 2010, 2:09 pm
Filed under: Eating out

Having been flying across various continents in my role as a professional PR gal, I had been neglecting the BF who had been sitting in raining London, whilst I enjoyed the gorgeous sites of South Africa. So I decided to treat him to lunch on Saturday, somewhere nice, because it’s always good to reconnect over food and wine and when you think about it cheese is helps too. I have literally been dying to try out Polpo for sooooo long, so what a fortuitous moment, when we found ourselves strolling down Carnaby st aimlessly headed towards my old fave Barrafina, when we noticed it was 2pm and maybe, just maybe Polpo would have a free table. Now I don’t make this statement lightly, getting a table at Polpo is something akin to getting a sainthood from the pope. I have tried and failed now three times to get a table, each time wondering about the smug bastards sitting in there who knew something I didn’t. Anywho I digress….. table secured.

The restaurant itself, is gorgeous, very quaint and gave you the general impression of being at home, well at home with someone cool and quirky. The wine is served in carafes which is always nice and it certainly does have a very italiano feel.

The waitress was absolutely gorgeous and explained to us that pretty much everything on the menu could be adapted to be gf. Instead of the normal brushetta they made mine on grilled polenta, divine. I could literally order everything on the menu. In the end we went for two fig and prosciutto Cicheti (Brushetta), then we had Grilled sliced flank steak, porcini cream, roasted pumpkin with rocket and prosciutto, zucchini and parmesan salad (amazing), wet polenta and then flourless orange cake with mascarpone and affagota. It all can to £50 including wine, water and service.

Truth is I cant wait to go back, bf loved it…. epic.


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